Hobby Lobby on Lakeland Dr
Children's acrylic classes 9-12; 13-15: [20$]
Adolescent and adult Acrylic (25$) and BOB ROSS   oil (50$) canvas, paints, and brushes are supplied and the finished canvas is yours to take home.

Michael is a BOB ROSS   certified teacher, CRI   ; CRFI  ; CRWI
Classes in Landscape, Wildlife, Floral and Seascapes are taught Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays at the Hobby Lobby on Lakeland drive Flowood Ms . 

A choice of Whimsical art is also available.

The choice of Oil, or Acrylic medium is Yours.

ph: 601-214-5268  or


Bob Ross Joy of Painting

​Hobby Lobby on Lakeland Dr

Adult Art Classes / Art Classes for Children